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Inlaid logo and printed logo are the two kinds of logo designs that are used while customizing a carpet or mat to a particular company or industry. Printed logotypes are the logo options that are printed onto the surface of the mat or carpets. However, this is not the case in the inlay logo mats.

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Mats with the Inlaid Logo

Inlaid logo installation into the mats includes the following steps.

  • The mat will be cut into the desired shape.
  • Pieces of the right color and designs with the brand name will be embedded into the carved places.
  • The design installation is made sure that it is flush with the mat surface.

Every piece of the design or the letters that are embedded into the carved places in an inlaid mat will be designed with the help of a computer and are assembled individually by hand. It is just like assembling the jigsaw puzzle pieces with their respective adjacent pieces accordingly.

Unlike the printed mat designs, the inlaid logos on the mat will not be easily faded or erased even after years of usage. There is no usage of the sprays or inks here, and hence you can expect the mats to live for more than decades.

What makes them different from the Printed Mats 

Here are some of the factors that make an inlaid mat different from a printed mat.

  • You can expect long-term usage from the inlaid mats.
  • Durability and cleaning performance matter while choosing a mat, and these mats offer both options for owners.
  • These mats suit areas that experience high traffic.
  • They are best suited for commercial places, where there is constant movement on them.
  • You can save a lot of money by choosing the inlaid mats, as there is no necessity of changing the mats once every few months or a year.

Everyone who enters any area will first come in contact with the doormat that is laid at the entrance door. Hence, floor mats have a very important role to play in deciding the kind of impression that your customers will have on your industry or the commercial space. The inlaid mats designed with precision will surely offer the best first impression for customers.

The best part of choosing the inlaid mats is that you can get them customized to any required dimension. Be it a complex design or a simple one, the inlaid mats are the right choice for you. You can place the logo at any end of the mat, and the mat will still look elegant and the best choice for you.

Decide what you wish to install in the floor mats and get the best version of the company logo embedded into the mat.