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Hardwood flooring is the most beautiful and luxurious flooring that changes the complete look of the house. However, all flooring has to experience wear and tear, heavy foot traffic which can wear off the material. Even if it is a minor defect repairing the hardwood floor should not be taken lightly.  Many of us try handling things at home to save few pennies, but without professional knowledge and proper tools, the DIY method cannot last long.

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Common Hardwood Floor Problems

Most problems look minor, if left unattended it can cause major disruption and heavy expenses. Some of the common hard floor problems are –

Splits and Cracks

With time most hardwood floors develop small cracks due to heavy foot traffic and dragging of heavy furniture. Tiny cracks can be fixed by homeowners by adding little wood putty but a crack that is larger than an inch should be repaired by a professional. A professional decides after looking at the condition if the floor should be refinished or the affected plank should be replaced.


The rise in temperature and fluctuation in moisture level can cause the wood to shrink and expand. This fluctuation can cause gaps between two neighbouring planks. Usually, these gaps come and go depending upon the moisture level in the weather, but continuous shrinking and expansion can create some permanent gaps. If the gaps are small, they can be covered up with wood putty, but when the gap width is large, flooring pro should be called because now the whole hardwood floor requires screwing and tightening.

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Hardwood flooring warps when there is direct water seepage. This happens when during installation, the installer leaves gaps between the floor and wooden plank. Warping and sagging are very rare problems, but the moment you find hardwood floor warping you should contact a professional immediately. The sooner it is repaired the better it is.


Hardwood floor or any other floor with time will eventually get scratches. If scratches are minor, homeowners can use sandpaper to remove scratches by removing a fine layer. However, when the scratch is more than an inch, it is wise to contact a professional who uses a sanding machine to smoothen the surface.

Hardwood floors can last for a lifetime if maintained properly. Always keep your contact number handy for a reliable local hardwood floor repair company for immediate assistance.