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Pipe relining is one of the most common non-intrusive solutions to repair leaks and cracks in sewer pipes. By developing the pipe relining system,  you can avoid traditional methods in fixing these plumbing issues that are costly, time-consuming, and quite an annoying process can now be avoided. Pipe relining is the most efficient, cost-effective, and sensible action applied to repair drain and sewer pipes.

There are several other advantages and benefits in applying pipe relining to drains and sewer systems. Here are five other benefits of pipe relining.

Fewer Disturbances to the Property

If you choose between pipe replacement or relining, especially in a crowded and busy property, pipe relining is the best option to consider. There is very minimal or no disturbance to the property when you choose relining over traditional pipe replacement. Digging is already excluded in the picture with a relining service. There is less mess on the property, and it does not hinder any activity near the area. Damages to the property are lessened and avoided while enjoying an effective and budget-conscious solution for your drains and sewer systems issues.

Root Intrusion and Leaks Are Easily Resolve

Pipe relining completely seals any issue in your sewer and drains entirely. There is no chance for leaks or tree roots entering the pipe space through holes and cracks in the system. The epoxy liner used in relining pipes is seamless, strong, and long-lasting. A pipe relining can last for another 40 to 50 years and offers a permanent pipe repair solution. The process snugly covers any gaps between pipes, including all the cracks, both the noticeable and small ones inside the pipe.

Reliable and Durable

Pipe relining services are long-lasting, robust, reliable, and durable. Compared to a pipe replacement, the chances of having premature cracking in the new pipes that are to be installed in a drain or sewer system to be repaired is relatively high. On the other hand, a pipe relining is seamless and covers all cracks and holes that can potentially contribute to the deterioration of the pipes in the future. Most epoxy resin manufacturers provide clients with a 50-year warranty on the product. Pipes lined with epoxy resin have a longer lifespan than regular pipes and is an investment worth the price. Pipe relining gives you a better and longer assurance that your drains and sewers are leak-free and crack-free.

Increases Flow Capacity

The most common types of pipes used for drains and sewers are cast iron, clay, or concrete. These materials have rough surfaces and are prone to calcification deposits. Epoxy liners are smoother and seamless. Once the epoxy liner is cured in the pipe, obstructions that affect the water flow are removed. The smooth surface of the relined pipes increases the system’s flow capacity and keeps the pipes clean.

Epoxy resin on the pipes also helps reinforce the whole piping system. It is like merging two whole piping systems into one. Merging these two also helps eliminate the joints and weak points in the entire drain or sewer system, giving it a higher efficacy.


It is a Safer Method and Adds Value to Your Home

Excavation in the property to remove and replace old pipes can pose risks to the residents. Debris, a pile of dust, holes, and trenches, are just a few of the disturbances and hazards that are usually present in a traditional drain or sewer line repair. Pipe relining does not require such processes and offers a safer working environment, especially to homes with pets and children.

A well-designed, efficient and robust drainage system is one of the selling or non-selling factors of a property. An efficient drainage system is a plus point during home inspections or deciding to sell your property. Pipe relining adds more value to your drainage efficacy and helps boost the value of your homes.