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Measuring Your Room for Flooring Installation

A Hand-tufted carpet is not fully handmade. It wields a mechanized tool that is used to shoot pieces of wool through a canvas backing. And it has different types and styles to bring more colors to your specified place.

Several types of carpet textures, styles, patterns, and designs in hand-tufted carpets give more options to select from. Hand-tufted wool carpets are the most popular and they are produced of all the other carpets. Hand-tufted carpet is high-quality and their fibers include viscose, jute, bamboo silk, and others. But, silk and wool are quite a popular blend in hand-tufted carpets.

Modern Tufted Carpets

Modern tufted carpets rugs are the most ongoing texture and patterns amongst the tufted. Generally, these carpets are designed especially in geometrical patterns.

Persian Tufted Carpets

Persian hand-tufted carpets are a great substitute for hand-knotted Persian carpets. These carpets are not only inexpensive but are also so beautiful compared to the hand-knotted ones.

Hand-knotted Persian carpets are one of the most valued, appreciated, and demanded carpets in the world of flooring. Unfortunately, they are very inexpensive and everyone can’t afford these royal carpets.

Benefits of Hand-Tufted Area Carpets

Hand-tufted area carpet benefits will surprise you to know that tufted carpets take over more than 60% of all other pile-type carpets. There are not one or two benefits but they have several benefits, you know it when you place it in your place.

Quick production

Be the carpet extra-large or small, it takes less time to produce them. An average carpet sizing is 8’x10′ and it can take up to 5-10 days (excluding dying of wool) to complete.


Han tufted carpets can mimic knotted carpets but at a very low cost, while hand-knotted area rugs are expensive.


Hand-tufted area carpets are not as durable as hand-knotted carpets but they do last for a long.

Shape and size

Hand-tufted carpets come in both size, small and very large sizes and these carpets also come in different shapes like square, triangle, round, animal figures, and birds. If you are looking for a custom hand-tufted rug, then you can also customize it with different styles, designs, colors, shapes, and textures according to match your home interior.


Another advantage of hand-tufted carpet is that it’s made in plenty of colors. Match your flooring with the walls or the curtains. You can choose the color that decorates your room more beautifully.

Carries all types of designs

Other than colors and shapes, they are also made in many designs and patterns. Hand-tufted carpets can traditional, modern, as well as contemporary designs.

Pads not required

The latex at the carpet’s back forms like rubber and acts as a pad for the support of the carpet. So a carpet pad isn’t required as the rubber protects from slipping.