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Most people pay a lot of attention when it comes to choosing photo prints for the interiors, but they usually fail in making the ideal choice for outdoors. That’s because:

  • The outdoor conditions are different from indoors. 
  • The outdoor photo prints should be heat resistant. 
  • The outdoor photo prints should be printed on dibond. 

That said, if you’re wondering what sort of photo prints offer such benefits, then, the answer is a metal photo print. So, let’s now take you through the astounding benefits of choosing a metal print. Have a look! 

  1. Metal Photo Prints are Durable

Durability is the first factor that decides the longevity of a photo print. And metal photo prints on dibond with aluminum edges are extremely long lasting.

  1. Metal Photo Prints are Fade Proof

The high quality photo prints like the Big Acrylic aluminum photo prints are exclusively designed for outdoors since the color, graphics, and texts on these photo prints do not smudge or fade. That’s because the dye used to make the print is settled underneath the top surface coating. 

  1. Metal Photo Prints are Easiest to Clean

Like mentioned above, the dye in metal photo prints is on the inside of Aluminum surface. So, when you actually wipe the surface you’re not actually touching the dye directly. As a result, it’s very easy to clean these prints without the fear of spoiling the picture. 

  1. Metal Photo Prints are Scratch Resistant 

You can never scratch the graphics or colors on Metal photo prints since the dye seeps underneath the aluminum surface. Which is why whether it’s the text or a picture, it cannot be peeled when customized on aluminum photo prints. 

  1. Metal Photo Prints can be Mounted in Different Ways

There are many ways to mount metal photo prints. The most popular ways are listed below. 

  • Standoff Mounting Option
  • Floating Mounting Option
  • Metal Box Mounting Option
  • Floating Frame Mounting Option
  1. Metal Photo Prints are Available in 2 district Options 

You always have the option to choose white metal or brushed metal for your photo prints. Wondering what’s the difference? Then here’s the answer – White metal photo print is for people who like brighter colors and a higher contrast ratio and brushed metal print is an ideal option if you enjoy the art of a subtle textured look.

  1. Metal Photo Prints are Lightweight

Remember, one of the best properties of aluminum is that it is lightweight. Which is why you need not to worry whether or not the wall will be able to handle the weight of your photo print. 

All in all, metal photo prints are the best options for you when you’re trying to decorate the exteriors of your house.