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If your home doesn’t have a hot water system, it may be high time to have it installed. You can now have hot baths and showers anytime you want, with just one turn of the tap.

With your decision to have a water heating system, the best option is to consult a hot water system specialist. There are plumbing companies that offer hot water system installations and repair to help you with the complexity of this endeavour. Find a plumber South Hurstville expert who specialises in water heaters.

This professional can help you choose which type of hot water system best suits your home, based on your needs and preferences. With expert advice, you can also decide which among the best brands, from Dux to Rheema to Rinnai, meets your requirements and budget.

A team of licensed professionals boasting years of experience and vast knowledge can help you from start to finish, from installation to repair and maintenance of your hot water system.

Common Signs of a Faulty Hot Water System

Besides installation, water heater specialists can also assist you with repairs and maintenance. Here are the most common signs that your hot water system is not working correctly and needs help:

No running hot water

Your tap may not be running hot water anymore for several reasons, depending on what energy source it runs on. For example, hot water systems that run on gas may mean the pilot light has been turned off, or your gas supply is insufficient. For electric tanks, the heating element or the thermostat may be faulty.

Noisy tank

If you’re trying to relax during a hot bath, but you keep hearing noise from your water tank, it’s time to call for help. Sediment may have built up in your tank, causing the noise. A plumber and water heating specialist can clear it out for you so you can finally relax in peace.

Tank leaks

Tank leaks could be caused by improper installation, something that experts can help avoid before any leaks occur. Contact your trusted specialist to help you replace the tank if the leak occurred due to rust and sediment build-up.

Large monthly water bills

If you see your water bill has skyrocketed for the past month, you might have a leak somewhere. A team of specialists could assist you in investigating, fixing, or replacing anything that needs to be replaced to bring back your old monthly bill amount.

Besides these problems, a qualified plumber and hot water expert can also help you resolve emergency issues. For instance, your system has burst and is flooding your place. You can contact a plumbing company that offers services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance.

How to Deal With Hot Water System Issues

Only licenced gas fitters and plumbers equipped with years of industry experience and continuous training can guarantee efficient and safe services. When you notice the signs of a faulty water heater as suggested earlier, make sure to call a trusted plumbing company in South Hurstville to attend to your problem. Besides skills, a team of professionals will understand your issues best and can recommend to you the most cost-effective solutions.