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It is inevitable to experience various issues in our home because the infrastructure where we live is exposed to the dangers and harm brought by the environment. We cannot prevent some incidents from happening, but we can think of ways to manage future issues more easily.

This is the same with roof damages. Roof damages are not visible unless other parts of the house are affected, such as the ceiling and the walls because they are connected to the top. Most common damages that homeowners experience with their roofing North Ryde system include leakages and water pooling.

One perfect example of a roofing horror story is when a water system is built on your rooftop and it explodes all of a sudden. Since you’ve never inspected the quality of your roofing for a long time, you haven’t noticed the invisible holes and clogged areas where water can seep through. The story ends with a severely damaged home interior.

It is important to know the reasons why water pools on your roof, especially when you have a flat roof and you just requested a skylight installation. Piece of advice, skylight leaks are more frustrating! This is why it is essential to be cautious since roof damages may cause more significant problems once left unattended.

To help you with this subject further, we have made a list of the common causes of pooling water. Read on.

Dysfunctional Gutter System

One of the causes of pooling water is a dysfunctional gutter system. It will leave you in trouble because once the gutter is clogged, water will spill on the sides, seep through walls, and cause flooding on the ground.

When left unattended, this leads to damages in your home’s foundation and mould and mildew build ups, which will eventually affect the health of the residents. Also, if water has been stagnant for a long time, it produces bad odour and becomes a habitat for pests and insects.

It is better to contact your trusted roofer to respond to the issue right away because a chain of problems might occur if you ignore the stagnant water on your grounds. Rain and thunderstorms are inevitable; therefore, you should be ready on how you will respond if the calamity occurs because you will never know when or where it might land.

Your home should be your safe space where even if the strongest catastrophe would occur it still be undamaged because it is not just infrastructure but, it is a place where family creates a strong bond that can never break down quickly.

Therefore, you should let professionals install a working and sturdy gutter system because it is the one who protects the different parts of your home from being exposed to too much water like your wall paving.

With a top-notch gutter system, stagnant water will not be visible in any areas of your home; instead, it will go straight to your streets’ drainages wherein, all the unwanted rainwater in the community flows.

Clogged Drainages

Blocked drains and downpipes on your roof also cause ponding water. When debris and other objects are stuck in the drainage system, the flow of water is disrupted leading to standing water.

When buying a home, you should also consider the quality of pipeworks in the property. If you notice rusty and broken downpipes, then you should request for an overall inspection of the roofing system. Clogged roof drains may sound simple but they are issues critical to a house’s structural integrity.

When left unaddressed for a long period of time, ponding water on your drains can affect the foundation of your home. In addition, it leads to algae growth which speeds up deterioration and during winter, the frozen rainwater can bring unwanted pressure on your roofing membrane.


Do not wait for the worst. Consult a reliable roofing company and let them inspect your home for any roofing damage. Pooling water is one of the most overlooked issues when it comes to roofing.

However, understand that long standing rainwater on your rooftop leads to more complicated problems, such as losing the strength of your home’s main foundation. By investing in a secured home where everything is in good condition, you can ensure the health of your family and your future with them.