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In today’s time of disorientation and uncertainty, simple hobbies like home gardening can help make things better. Today, more and more people are finding joy in growing flowers and vegetables at home. Besides its psychological and mental benefits, gardening also helps bring fresher air and organic produce.

Do you want to start a home garden but don’t know the first thing on how to do it? We have here a few tips on how to start gardening at home.


Before you dive straight into plowing your backyard to start your garden, it is ideal to plan. Carefully consider where you want to locate your garden and what crops or plants you want to grow. Your location must be suitable so your plants can get enough sunlight. You should also plan how small or big you want your gardening area to be.

But you do not have to worry about changing your mind in the future. The more you get into it, the more knowledge and experience you’ll gain. If in the future you want to decide to change things in your garden, that’s absolutely alright.

Prepare the Bed Soil

Building up soil is found to be very helpful in producing better and more crops. A deep and rich soil encourages the growth of healthy roots. And the easiest way to get a deep layer of soil is to raise bed soil. The shape of your bed soil also makes a difference. For example, rounding a bed makes a space-efficient planting space. You can also consider worm casting or putting in organic fertilizer like dung to naturally fertilize your soil.

Start Planting

Once you have your bed soil ready, you can now start planting. To get optimal produce, pay attention to how you arrange your plants. Avoid doing it in squares or rows. Instead, stagger the plants in triangle patterns. This way, more plants can fit in one bed. Further, avoid planting them too close to each other as this distresses them and makes them prone to disease and insect attack.


After planting, the next crucial part is maintaining your plants. This involves tending to them, making sure they get enough sunlight and water when necessary. The ideal water they need depends upon the kind of plant and on the weather. You should water more often during hot and dry days, as this kind of weather pulls moisture from the soil more quickly.

An easy trick to test if the plant needs watering is sticking a finger into the soil. If the soil is dry two to three inches below the surface, then it needs watering. Plants are also healthier if you water them one or two times per week rather than watering them a little bit each day.

Professional Gardening Services in Singapore

Home gardening can be a stress-relieving hobby to break away from all the difficulties in life. However, if you find yourself at a loss on how to remedy pest infestation or plant diseases on this gardening journey, it is ideal to seek professional help. This way, you’ll get expert advice on how to better care for your garden.

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