Posted on: May 24, 2023 Posted by: Bernard H. Joseph Comments: 0

The condition of your switch board directly affects the security of your home against electrical threats. You can only have power in your home with this crucial component.

Electrical arcing and hotspots can spread throughout an entire wire system if an older switchboard’s fuses are improperly seated. There is a high risk of fire if electrical appliances are damaged.

The switchboard is hidden away in a closet or basement. A spark or flame can swiftly spread through a malfunctioning system, posing a risk to property and human lives.

An increased risk of electrocution is posed by using outdated switchboards, which may have loose wires and cause switches to trip often. However, these problems may be alleviated by updating it. You should update your switchboard because of the following reasons.

Make Electrical Systems Safer.

The wiring irregularities found in older electrical panels make them unsafe to operate. Most have wiring that isn’t up to code because of the danger of fires caused by shorts and sparks.

As a result of their connections, fuse and switch terminals may overheat and become a fire hazard. The insulation on antique switchboards has worn away, revealing the underlying electrical wiring.

They lack the residual current device that would quickly cut power if it detected someone receiving an electric shock. Keeping up with the ever-evolving standards for electrical safety requires regular upgrades.

Adjust To Fluctuating Energy Needs.

Because of technological progress, more and more electrical equipment and devices are being produced for use in homes and businesses, leading to higher electricity consumption. Overloading your switch board can lead to fires and other problems with electricity. In addition, electrical systems are designed to work with a restricted amount of power.

To prevent damage from an electrical overload, switchboards use circuit breakers. Overloads occur when the demand on the electrical system exceeds its capability. Short circuits, broken appliances, fires, and flickering lights are all potential outcomes of using an old-fashioned switchboard to power a home.

Spend Less

The energy bill can skyrocket due to the inefficiency of an ageing switchboard. As a result of increased breakdowns and subsequent service calls, they may also have higher-than-average upkeep expenditures.

Newer switchboards feature circuit breakers and residual current devices, making it less common to call an electrician for repairs. You can save money on your monthly electricity bills by upgrading to a newer switchboard.

Meet All Applicable Electrical Regulations

The government and other relevant agencies often establish minimum safety levels and electrical standards for all home and building owners to conform to. This ensures that their electrical systems can handle the power demands placed on switchboard design for homes by the abundance of electronics and appliances.

According to the established electrical regulations, all lighting and power switches must include safety mechanisms for shutting down when the system is overloaded. This eliminates the risk of damage from electrical failures.


The majority of potential electrical dangers can be avoided by installing switchboards. If you’re interested in these advantages, Legrand is a good option for modernising your switchboard.