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A certified arborist must complete a two-day course, pass a 100-question test, and undergo a live tree examination to earn a TRAQ. The course teaches the arborist how to calculate and determine tree risk. A TRAQ is similar to a pilot who must complete a checklist before starting a flight. It gives the arborist a standard process and form for assessing the risk of trees and their environment. They are able to calculate a variety of factors, including the species, weight, lean, tree structure, influence of insects and wind forces on soil, as well as communicate these information to clients in written and verbal form.

What are the benefits of using an Arborist with a TRQ?

All arborists can assess risk and apply treatments to trees. However, a TRAQ arborist has the ability to communicate with clients at the highest level. Here are five ways a TRAQ Arborist can save you time, money, stress, legal trouble, and more.

  1. High Confidence is Critical. Unqualified arborists can probably tell you if a particular tree is dangerous, but a TRQ will enable the arborist to state with greater certainty if the risk is low or high. You can relax if they state that the chance of failure is very low. Standardizing the process will ensure that arborists make fewer errors in assessment and treatment. This will reduce your risk of injury and financial loss.
  2. Specific Treatments. An arborist can offer a treatment that reduces risk without having to completely remove the tree. This is called a “TRAQ”. It saves you time and money. This will also help protect trees from fire and storm damage. A few branches removed from the crown can make a difference in whether a tree falls in high winds or stays upright.
  3. Less climbing. An arborist may be able to safely and efficiently fell the tree by accurately identifying the failure points and quantifying the risk. This could help you save money. If the arborist has to climb, they will be able to do it more efficiently and safely if they don’t second guess the risk profile.
  4. Consistent and Clear Communication. A TRQ allows the arborist to communicate with you about risk in a way that anyone can understand. This will increase your confidence in the arborist’s approach, and not create doubt by using jargon or a vague understanding of the problem. A uniform process allows one TRAQ arborist to conduct an assessment. Five years later, another TRAQ arborist could review the assessment form and grasp the information quickly, which will save you money since they don’t have to do their own assessment.
  5. Legal Protection. Your arborist will write the report in the same language as lawyers or insurance companies. This could be beneficial to you in a legal case where the tree is damaged and falls. You are less likely to be held responsible if the TRAQ assessment states that the risk is very low. An unstandardized risk assessment may not be considered as evidence.

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