Posted on: December 29, 2020 Posted by: Nicholas Harrison Comments: 0

The only state of US enjoying the uniqueness of being outside North America as an island state,while locating within tropics, is none other than Hawaii. Believed as ‘Paradise of the Pacific’, Hawaiian Islands are famous for their rich landscape; naturally blessed scenic beauty to be marveled at. Yet, not to forget, in giving Hawaii’s natural beauty a boast through astounding infrastructural development, a great deal of credit also goes to the state’s construction sector. 

Employment wise beingthe sixth largest sector, Construction Industry has been playing a pivotal role in Hawaii’s economic prosperity. It is this very sector that has always made an effort to infuse positivity and hope while ensuring economic stability both in good and hard times. Just take the case of Covid-19 pandemic when construction industries at global level, upon facing a decline of revenue due to cancellation/ deferment of construction services projects have chosen the path to lay off / terminate employees, Hawaii’s Construction Industry despite facing business decline has kept workers’ employment intact. This initiative has resulted in zero loss of employment while winning construction workers’ loyalties forever. Not only this, by bringing all relevant state administrating bodies, construction firms, labor contractors and labor unions at one platform, Hawaii’s construction industry has entered into a pledge to avoid Covid-19 spread at construction sites. It has assigned this responsibility to all stakeholders under the banner of GCA Covid-19 Task Force.  

Where one wonders as to how brilliantly Hawaii’s Construction Industry is managing the bad outcomes of pandemic, he/she also comes to realize the secret of its success – nothing except betterment of the state. Besides, this industry is also playing a significant role in paying back to the society by making Corporate Social Responsibility an integral part of business philosophy. 

One bright example that has been making entire Construction Industry of the state proud is that of Nan Inc. Founded in 1990 and having the privilege of being the largest locally owned construction management firm of Hawaii, Nan Inc has been serving the state from past three decades now. With so many successfully completed public, private and military construction projects on credit, it has earned a name of trust and confidence not only at the state level but also beyond.  As a responsible, leading performer of the industry, the company facilitates through its construction management, general contracting and design-build expertise. It’s also an active contributor to philanthropic drives and is seen as a source of inspiration for others within construction industry.

No matter what the future holds, accepting the challenges posed by threatening Covid-19, Hawaii Construction Industry enthusiastically looks forward to welcome 2021 while aiming to exploring potential projects, unleashing hidden prospects, creating employment opportunities and giving back to society.