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As Canada’s capital, seated in Southern Ontario, Ottawa is a diamond settled in just North of Detroit.  If you’re not from the city, you may not know what to expect, and some might even try to draw comparisons from Toronto, but this is an entirely different game.  Ottawa is one of the most incredible and dynamic cities on Earth.  Here are the top areas that make this town tick.


Top Restaurants: Vittoria in the Village and Fratelli.

Top Attractions: Parliament Hill, Hampton Park, and the National Gallery of Canada.

This neighborhood on the Ottawa River is small, with only 22,000 people to call it home.  The older-style brick architecture and friendly people make this neighborhood a must-see and have had many people scrambling to find Ottawa homes for sale.

Sandy Hill

Top Restaurants: Sandy Hill Lounge & Grill and Father and Sons Restaurant.

Top Attractions: Strathcona Park, Govinda’s, and Rideau Canal

Also known as Ottawa’s hipster capital, Sandy hill is home to countless antique shops, old clothing and book stores, and consignment shops.  The rustic and second-hand feeling of the area gives it a soft charm that many patrons say brings them back repeatedly.

The Glebe

Top Restaurants: Joey Lansdowne.

Top Attractions: Patterson Creek, Sylvia Holden Children’s Park, and Brown’s Inlet Park.

Just south of downtown Ottawa, The Glebe is near Westboro, just off of the Ottawa River.  Because of the multiple shopping possibilities, and countless restaurants, there’s a lively nightlife in this area unlike any other.


Top Restaurants: Gabriel Pizza, Occo Kitchen, and Moxie’s Grill and Bar.

Top Attractions: Canadian Museum of History and Gardenway Park.

Much like New Orleans in the United States, this Orleans is steeped in French culture and history.  The original street names were after Joan of Arc and other notable French words.  This area has some of the best food in the city, with portion sizes large enough to keep your food for a long workday.


Top Restaurants: The Red Apron, North & Navy, and The Elgin Street Diner.

Top Attractions: Canadian Museum of Nature / Musée canadien de la nature, and more.

Centretown lives up to its name, sitting directly in the middle of Ottawa.  Luckily for those who live there, the drive to get to anything within the city is inexpensive and easy.  Regardless of whether you’re looking to get food to fantastic art, you can find it- or quickly get to it- from Centretown.

ByWard Market

Top Restaurants: Blue Cactus and ByWard Market.

Top Attractions: The Connaught Building, Winterlude, and The National War Memorial.

Byward Market is a shopping and business district in downtown Ottawa.  Although there are several apartments and homes available here, most people choose to rent in another area and drive or transit because of how expensive it is to live within the city.  The entire area is very artsy and friendly while keeping the attitude that separates it from other larger cities like New York or Canada’s own Vancouver, British Columbia.