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Most bachelors who move out into their places after college prefer either a one-bedroom or studio apartment. It makes sense because as one is entering the phase of living on their own, they may not be all that rich and successful yet; but still may require a small place that they can call their home. For more details, you can check out 1 Bedroom Apartments in Farmington Hills, MI.

What Is A One-Bedroom Apartment?

As the name suggests, a one-bedroom apartment has a living room, a kitchen and a single bedroom but with walls and a door, unlike a studio apartment. It is more suitable for those who require their space.

Benefits Of A One-Bedroom Apartment

You must consider some positive points before renting an apartment with a one-bedroom. They are as follows:

· Self-Assigned Space

A bedroom is secluded, unlike a studio apartment, with everything out in the open. It gives you the required privacy, especially if you live with a roommate to split the rent. You can clean and maintain the room accordingly, and if you’re private about your belongings, bedrooms usually have closets attached to them to make it easier.

· Couple Friendly

If you’re a couple living together, a small one-bedroom apartment is much more suitable for you than a studio, as they do not have any walls to provide privacy. As a couple, I’m sure you want to keep your personal life behind walls and doors rather than out in the open. One-bedroom apartments usually also have separate bathrooms attached to them.

· Less Amount Of Rent To Be Paid

Compared to an apartment with multiple bedrooms, a single bedroom apartment is a much better choice if you wish to spend less on rent. There is no stated limit on how many people can stay together in such an apartment, but usually, a one-bedroom apartment can occupy two people and their belongings. You will save a lot of money if you split the rent into two.


Ideally, you rent a one-bedroom apartment if you’re moving out of your home for all these benefits. It will be accessible in your pocket and still allow you to be independent, in your own space, however seems fit to you. Aren’t most of us who want to move out and start a life of our own looking for precisely that?