Posted on: March 20, 2021 Posted by: Pat J. Prather Comments: 0

Summer is generally pleasant; there are starry nights, a sunny beach, great vacation spots, and even nice swims to enjoy. However, when it comes to staying indoors, it can be quite frustrating due to the heat. Air conditioners are usually the go-to cooling systems, but the energy bills they rack up make you wonder if there’s a better and cost-effective option out there. That is where a portable evaporative cooler comes into the picture. This cooling system makes use of water evaporation to make the air cooler while returning humidity. The lower the humidity, the more efficiently the evaporative cooler can work.

Portable evaporative coolers come with wheels that allow you to move them from one room to another wherever you need air. The best part is you can also use them outside; all you need is a plugging outlet, and you’re done. You can use your portable evaporative cooler in your home, office, garage, workshop, picnic pool party, or any other location you desire.

How Do They Work?

A portable evaporative cooler works like natural evaporation. The fan integrated into the machine pulls in air and passes the air through the cooling pads inside the evaporative cooler. It also uses water which makes the cooling pad wet. The water is turned into a moist vapor and blown out into the room by the fan. This moist vapor removes the room’s heat, thereby lowering the temperature and making it cooler for you. It works like the natural cooling process where the body sweats and the body temperature is lowered when the sweat evaporates.

Portable evaporative coolers work best in dry climates and help to add humidity to the air. This air cooler helps avoid itchy eyes, sore throats, and even dry skin at home. The lower the humidity, the lower the temperature would become using a portable evaporative cooler. They are very effective and take up less space than you would expect. Portable air coolers are very efficient, and the best part is when used inside the home, they prevent air pollution. They help save energy bills, and since they don’t use refrigerant gas, they prove zero emissions.

The best part about portable evaporative coolers is that it doesn’t need to be vented. All that is required for this air cooler to work is access to water and an electrical outlet. They are not like refrigerated cooling systems that need sealed and insulated environments to work. A portable evaporative cooler works with fresh air. So you will need to open some windows so the dry air can make its way in while the damp air escapes.