Posted on: July 1, 2023 Posted by: Bernard H. Joseph Comments: 0
The Do's And Don'ts Of Home Office Design

A new wave of remote workers are leading the way in home office design. Never before have such a significant number of individuals been able to host their professional lives within the home. While this is a particularly exciting opportunity, with many seeing it as a great support for work-life balance, there is the important consideration of how a home office is designed.

It can be very easy for new remote working professionals to embrace the kitchen table or living room sofa. While these initial habits might seem comfortable they are, in the long term, not conducive to professionalism, health, or productivity. As such, it is important to establish an office space, one that supports the success of a newly remote professional role.

Do… Keep It Contained

One of the biggest challenges that face teleworking professionals is the inability to switch off. Those who work from their dining room can easily find themselves checking emails in the evening or feeling obligated to catch up with a coworker outside of hours. While this can be marketed as a more flexible approach to working, it can soon lead to burnout.

As such, office spaces in the home should be best contained, either to their own rooms inside a property, or in external spaces, such as summer houses and log cabins.

Don’t… Be Distracted

The benefit of central office space is that it is cultivated for professional focus. When individuals work at home, there is the potential for distraction, whether from another member of the household or an entertainment device.

To overcome this, office spaces should be curated to be distraction-free. This means eliminating or minimising decor and assets that are not conducive to professional endeavours from a room, as well as insulating against potential noise.

Do… Embrace Your Personality

Unlike central and shared office spaces, a home office can and should be designed in a way that makes you happy. With personal expression in the decor, an office space will be more pleasant to spend time in, preventing professional tasks from feeling like a chore.

There are also video conferences and meetings to consider, with others keenly examining the backdrop behind you. By cultivating an aesthetically pleasing space your coworkers and managers are likely to be impressed.

Don’t… Skip Comforts

Cutting corners will lead to displeasure and, worse, health issues. Office chairs, for example, are not solely aesthetic but they should also support long-term positive posture, preventing health issues from developing.

Those who are planning on working remotely for a longer period of time should also consider other comforts too, such as adjustable desks. These modern office features allow users to stand or sit, raising the height of the desk, easily.

Do… Go Modular

If you are struggling to make an office space work or cannot find an entire room in which to dedicate your life to, then going modular can be the solution. With collapsable desks and folding chairs, dedicated office spaces can be created and deconstructed at the end of each day, helping a home to support multifunctionality without compromising on quality.