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Living in Singapore we will not have to think twice when it comes to finding the right interior designer or designing house. There are many talented designers in the market that can get the job done. Choosing an interior designer, however, is not like clothes shopping where multiple outfits can be used for the same purpose. Your first choice HAS to be the best.

Getting recommended services and appropriate quotations is hugely important before starting with renovation. Most importantly, the quotation will have to be perfect and transparent in every respect. Here are the things that you will have to consider when you are on the hunt for an interior design company.

Why Choosing the Right Interior Design Company is Important

Interior design is important for both renovators looking to refresh the look of their home and new homeowners alike. In both cases, amateur homeowners are unable to undertake such a tedious task on their own, which is why getting the right interior designer is so important.

In case of the new houses, flats and HDBs, designers should be engaged ASAP. In doing so, they get ample time to talk with the house owners, make a proper plan and execute them in time without rushing it. Visit Space Factor at to learn about home renovation and get a quotation, or find out more about how they can elevate your living space with their value added services today!”

How Long Should Renovations Take? 

When it comes to the designing of new houses, then it takes maximum 2 to 4 weeks for the entire completion of the work. On the other hand, the renovation process takes a little more than that, about 8 to 10 weeks for the BTOs and for the resale ones 12 to 14 weeks. The prolonged time is taken due to the excess works. However, it will be wise to count 2 or 3 days extra for the whole process to get completed.

Considerations to Make Before Hiring a Designer

Looking for interior designers is not a problem at all. But then comes the time to choose the right one from the line and that is the time it gets tricky. We have compiled a short list of tips to help you get started:

The first thing is to check all the credentials of the company. When working in Singapore, these companies need appropriate accreditations to work on your HDB. Hiring one without these is not only risky but also illegal even if they boast cheaper prices, so be wary.

Experience and skill, these are the two most important things when it comes to choosing the right interior designers. Therefore, check the number of years they have been in the business. Checking their reviews on websites like Qanvast and Homerenoguru is useful since testimonials of previous clients tell a lot about their designers. Choosing an experienced designer to help with any problems with renovation makes the process much easier!

Many interior design firms specialize in different kinds of designs. Make sure that you have chosen the one that has designs that match your taste. You can visit Space Factor at for more information about interior design, renovation, and to read up on before meeting your designer!