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Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of taking a dip in your new backyard swimming pool, but you’re still trying to decide the best type and size of swimming pool that will suit your desires. But before you dive into your big swimming pool project, there are a few things you need to consider.

Swimming pool installation is a complex project, and there’s a lot more to it than simply digging a hole, covering it with concrete, and filling it with water. Here are six things to think about before beginning a swimming pool installation.

Know Your Local Zoning Laws

Before you get a consultation or any estimates, you should first make sure your property follows any zoning ordinances for swimming pools. Most cities have strict laws for maintenance and liability laws concerning swimming pools.

Think About Your Long Term Needs

As global warming continues to raise temperatures and create longer summers and shorter winters, pools with quick installation times may seem ideal, but fiberglass and viny-lined pools don’t offer the longevity of concrete pools. If you want to use your pool for many years, you want a durable swimming pool that’s built to last.

Decide on the Type of Pool You Want

Vinyl-lined, fiberglass, and concrete are the three most common types of in-ground pools available in the United States. You should research each type of pool and its pros and cons and determine the best type of pool that suits your climate, budget, and personal needs.

Think About Your Energy Consumption

Regardless of the type of pool you decide to install, it will need a water circulation system to keep the water clean and fresh. Water circulation systems use energy, and energy costs money. There have been many advances in energy efficiency, heating, and automation to help save money on your energy bills concerning your swimming pool. Consult your pool builder to help you find an energy-efficient water circulation system that suits your budget.

Know What You Can Really Afford

The type and size of pool you can afford is more than just paying for the installation. It’s crucial to consider monthly maintenance costs as well as the cost of landscaping and lighting. Just as it cost money to maintain an expensive sports car, it cost money to maintain a luxury item like a swimming pool.

Find a Contractor You Can Trust

Finding the right contractor, like this Cedar Park pool builder, for your swimming pool installation is critical to getting a quality, well-built pool that will last for many years. Failing to do your homework with references and proper research into a reliable pool builder can lead to disaster. Always use a reputable builder with many years of experience and always ask for references you can verify.

Adding a swimming pool will increase your home’s value and provide hours of fun and entertainment for family and friends. Don’t rush a swimming pool installation by hiring the first contractor you speak with, and always get a least three estimates before you settle on a contractor. You will eventually come across some trusted fiberglass pool builder in Waco, TX.