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A dirty house can make you and your family really sick. However, unfortunately, most people consider just the interiors when talking about house cleaning. In reality, the exteriors go through a lot too. They have to take the brunt of weather fluctuations and pollution. As a result, when neglected for long – the wall, the roof, the windows, and the driveway – they start accumulating a lot more than just dust. Fungus and algae are the 2 biggest issues that neglected exteriors have to face. In order to combat this, people try washing their driveways and even walls and windows using water at a high pressure. But, sadly, high pressure will only damage the surface of walls further. 

So, wondering what’s ideally to be done in order to get the exteriors clean without damaging them? If yes, then it’s Soft power washing that you need. Soft power washing is the process of cleaning the exteriors using a mixture of special detergents and water to clean the exteriors at a low pressure. In this guide, we will be making a mention of some such stunning services offered by elite companies like Zachs power washing. Let’s get started! 

  1. Concrete Cleaning 

Concrete cleaning the walkways and driveways is the perfect way to get rid of algae and oily stains that make the surface slippery; hence, dangerous. 

  1. No Pressure Roof Cleaning

This is a special cleaning service offered exclusively by professionals at Zachs

The professionals use a mixture of a special solution that they spread on the surface of the roof. The solution spreads and reaches evenly at all the nooks and corners on the roof. It kills all the algae, lichens, fungus, and moss within a minute or 2. The professionals, then, use a soft brush to remove the looser chunks. The others that they don’t force out of the surface get carried away by the wind and washed by rain. What you get in return is:

  • A clean and shiny roof.
  • Easy cleaning without having to climb on the roof – that can be dangerous since the roof can be slippery and uneven – by yourself. 
  • A peace of mind since the results of no pressure roof cleaning can last for even a year and more. 
  1. Window Cleaning

You can brush and broom the surface of the walls from the outside. But, you literally can’t force out the settled dust from the sills and hidden edges. Besides, cleaning the windows on the upper floors gets too tricky. But professionals at Zach’s have the right pieces of equipment and the right solutions to clean the windows perfectly.

So, to sum up, soft power washing services are the best ways to keep your house clean and healthy from the outside.