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Nuisance and hazardous relates to pests. They multiply in millions and that too rapidly. They destroy everything in their path. In homes, furniture, food, kitchen, garden, basement, beddings, clothes, garage, car electrical, are destroyed if there is no control over them. The crops in agricultural land are devastated completely if pest control methods are not adopted. They affect industries too by destroying machine tools, assembly lines, industrial furniture. Infectious diseases spread rapidly. There is no place where pests cannot breed. Apart from the destruction of property, they spread diseases. They are carriers of diseases. Diseases like Zika, malaria, skin infections, dengue are caused and spread by pests. These diseases can be fatal. Pest control options need adoption on a war footing to keep them in check or eliminate them.

The most common pests are mosquitoes, flies, rodents, roaches, spiders, termites, ants, bed bugs, silverfish, paper wasps, earwigs, fleas, squirrels, millipedes, Norway rat, roof rat. The pest control options are physical, biological, chemical, and cultural.

Physical pest control options destroy or kill the pest by using traps, barriers, fences, mulches to kill insects, rodents, weeds.

Electronic pest control options include ultrasonic electronic devices. These devices emit high-frequency waves or sounds. Household pests like rodents, insects, are destroyed, repelled, or injured by these high-frequency sounds. One side effect of ultrasonic repellants is that they can affect humans in the long run due to overexposure. Electronic fences are also used as barriers to control insects.

Biological pest control options involve the import, conservation, and augmentation of natural enemies to eliminate insects. Fungi and bacteria are common biological control agents. Bacillus thuringiensis, a biocontrol agent produces Bt toxin. Bt toxin destroys insects and pests due to its toxicity.

Cultural pest control options are good soil preparation. Here the soil preparation is rich in nutrients like humus. A healthy plant can fight infections. It traps and destroys nematodes that are harmful to plants. Indigenous variety usage over modern hybrid variety is another cultural pest control option. Nets over individual plants prevent them from being attacked by insects. Plants are very vulnerable when young. Nets or meshes protect them. Pruning of diseased sections in plants prevents infection from spread to other areas. Aromatic herbs which repel insects are grown along with plants to repel insects. Other cultural pest control options are crop rotation and multiple cropping.

Chemical pest control options are one of the oldest methods of pest control. It came into prominence in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is effective in agricultural, domestic, industrial applications. Fungicides, repellants, insecticides, nematicides, rodenticides usage common. The advantage of the chemical method is it is very effective and precise in eliminating pests. A disadvantage that they develop resistance over a period. Human beings are affected by toxic chemicals. They also cause groundwater contamination and pollute the atmosphere.

The best pest control option is prevention. Prevention is better than cure, as the common saying goes. Prevention application in homes proves effective. Maintain proper hygiene and keep surroundings clean and ban pests from your home.

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