Posted on: March 10, 2021 Posted by: James L. Wilkerson Comments: 0

Imagine you have your dream house with all your favorite furniture to make that dream house your ‘home sweet home.’ Now as time went by, some of your furniture was discontinued or you just want to buy new ones. Now, we all know that buying new furniture for your home can be a bit challenging and overwhelming for some people but to buy new furniture that will match your old ones is another headache. There are so many different facts that you need to consider while buying one for yourself so that the furniture you already own coordinates with the new ones. Now the bigger question is that does your furniture need to match? Well, the simple answer is, no. They do not, as those days of buying the same furniture with the same design and style are long gone. But what you can do is mix and match your furniture to give your room a fresh and elevated look. 

Here are some tips to mix and match your furniture that we think you will love. 

  • Mixing and matching the styles: Mixing pieces of furniture that are ages apart can be a bit difficult because if not done right, they can easily make your room look weird. When considering buying new furniture to match with your old ones, always try to stick to a given style for the main furniture pieces.
  • Mixing and matching the colors: There are so many variations of textures and colors for furniture fabrics that you have to be very careful while mixing and matching them. You should always choose the color that best represents your mood and feelings or your style. Warmer tones like red or orange give a bright feeling to your room while tones like blue or any shade of cool colors give a soothing feeling like cold water or the blue sky. You should ask yourself, what mood do you want to create and you can easily decide on the colors.
  • Mixing and implementing patterns: This is hard to get because if you end up mixing too many patterns and designs then your room may look like toddlers. On the contrary, a lack of patterns can make your furniture and room look dull and bland. Go for solid colors with complimenting patterns as they can easily make your room look brighter and fresh. 

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