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When it comes to choosing the right doors at the time of renovating your HDB, you will have to choose amongst the many door companies in Singapore for doors of the best quality. But you need to be sure of the kind of door you need and accordingly you need to make the selection. There is some basic knowledge about the HDB doors that you should have before choosing a company.

As the door market is quite wide and there are so many doors available for you to choose, you need to have a proper idea about the kind of doors that are appropriate for the HDB and the kind of installations that they require. Here we have come up with the practical solutions to the process.

Also, before going into the details, you will also need to know that there are two kinds of doors available for the installation, HDB main door and the interior doors. For both kinds you will need to choose the best ones, so visit Gate Door Window today for more information!

Know About the HDB Door Rules and Regulations

In general, when you are changing the HDB doors, then there is no need of any kind of permit. But when it comes to the changes in the size and portal dimension then you will need to have proper permit for the same. In case of the main doors, you need to apply for the approval in case the home entrance has the same egress travel as the fire escape route has.

At the same time, if you are changing the location of the primary door at the time of the renovation then you will need to take the approvals. Only then you can expect the work to be done properly.

Knowing the Right Materials

The primary and interior doors are available in a number of materials and as per your requirement you can choose the best ones. The first in the list is the timber doors. These are the all-time classics when it comes to the HDB doors. They are available both in the hardwood and softwood. Their price range also differs a lot. You need to choose the doors made of timber when they go with the design of the house.

Using Veneer Doors

These are the doors that are not as strong as the timber doors. They are lightweight and made with thin wooden layers. Mainly used for the interiors, these doors offer a wooden finish. At the same time, it is a lot cheaper. So, for the interiors, these doors are not too bad. It is also true that the doors are quite stylish and available in different customized designs.

PVC Doors

Rather than the other types of doors, you can also opt for the aluminum made PVC doors. These are the doors that are available in different price ranges. Choosing the best among the lot will not be a problem in case of these doors.