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It has been scientifically proven that excessive sitting is hazardous to health. Nevertheless, every fifth working person sits for more than nine hours a day. Just under 36% of people who have a sedentary job suffer from regular back pain. But there is hope: A sit-stand desk in the office can provide a remedy and promote health. Here is an experience report.

It is everywhere and is part of our everyday life like mountain to valley, like Bonnie to Clyde, like ice cream to a waffle. We are afraid of her. Even if we are aware of its danger, we cannot withstand it. If she’s not there for a long time, we miss her. When it is there, we use it all the time and tend to use it for too long. It is omnipresent and comes in handy when we have breakfast or when we use public transport. She follows us like our shadow into the office. Even after closing time she smiles at us with their demonic but equally charming smile: “Come on, use me!”

It’s The Seat.

For many, it represents an everyday danger that we are nevertheless reluctant to do without. But it is precisely their excessive use that makes them so dangerous. What used to be a luxury property is now used every day as a matter of course.

In her day, working on the computer was very unusual or even nonexistent. So they most likely did not sit in the office part-time and did their job seated for eight hours. Many people of the older generation had manual jobs in which they had to be physically active. Sitting for long periods of time would probably have been a luxury for her.  But with the increasing technological improvement of our society, the professional fields are also changing. Obviously Omnidesk is the perfect option in this case.

Excessive Sitting Has Many Negative Effects on Your Health

While the use of modern technologies is constantly increasing, the risk of disease increases with it. The modern sedentary lifestyle puts a strain on our entire skeletal-muscle system and leads to numerous mental illnesses. Back pain, diabetes, obesity or depression is typical sitting diseases of our generation. Sitting for long periods is life-threatening if we want to express it dramatically. The sad thing about the story is that this drama is by no means just fiction.

How Much Time Do You Spend Behind Your Desk Every Day?

If you often feel tension after work or you often feel the urge to move around at work, the following probably applies to you:

  • You work at a “conventional” desk with a fixed height.
  • You move too little during work and probably after work too.

But what would you say if you could integrate a little more movement into your everyday office life by changing standing and sitting positions without interrupting your work?

A sit-stand desk offers the possibility of introducing a little more dynamism into individual work processes and thus effectively fighting against typical “office illnesses”.  Many larger companies are now providing their employees with height-adjustable desks. These include corporations such as Google, Facebook, Deutsche Bank and SAP. Because they have recognized that working at a “normal” desk harbors many health risks. Gradually, a trend can be seen in the use of height-adjustable desks. No wonder, because working while standing has numerous advantages.