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The more junk we produce, the higher the costs of disposal and environmental pollution. Manufacturers are doing consumers a disservice because, together with beautifully and carefully packaged products, today we also buy significant quantities of actually unnecessary packaging.

Right Junk Management

Proper commercial junk removal richmond va starts already in the store, the decisions we make during the purchase. Additional packaging, sooner or later, we pay extra. Ignore products with unnecessary wrappers (such as individually wrapped chewing gum, candy, and cheese that are also in plastic bags). Give preference to products in glass packaging, but be sure to dispose of the glass in appropriate containers after consumption. Choosing the junk removal services as per your requirement is important.

Responsible shopping does not end with food products. Just remember how many ballpoint pens and other cheap plastic trinkets you brought home and threw away after a short time. The same goes for various devices that today have an increasingly shorter life cycle the technology is produced with the aim of ending up in the trash as soon as possible. While producers are profiting, landfills are growing.

How to properly sort junk?

It is easiest to throw all the junk in one bin. Proper junk disposal requires time and extra effort (often space) that many are unwilling to invest. However, we can no longer leave sorting to future generations, both because of the environment as a whole and because of Croatia as a pleasant country to live in. The junk management system in Croatia differs depending on the area, so in some parts there are already so-called. Yellow bags while elsewhere everything is still thrown in the same bin.

  • Here are some practical tips for proper disposal of everyday junk.
  • CD – booklet in old paper, the rest in a yellow bag
  • Magazines and newspapers – a container for old paper
  • Glasses – glass cups without additional colors are stored in a glass container
  • Coffee – a bin for degradable junk
  • Fruit / vegetable peel – degradable junk bin (usually brown), remove stickers beforehand
  • Envelopes with a window (e.g. from a phone bill) – a window in a yellow bag, the rest in old paper
  • Leftover food – a bucket for degradable junk or (at best) cooks without leftovers and eat everything
  • Paper bag made of bread / pastries – clean bag in old paper, dirty in degradable junk
  • PET packaging – returnable, so it is best to return it to the store, otherwise throw it in a yellow bag
  • Plastic bags – use as junk bags
  • Lids and caps – yellow bag
  • Staples – yellow bag
  • Jars – glass container (be sure to remove the lids)

Energy saving light bulb – treated as electronic junk; until the collection boxes are installed, it is recommended to collect them at home and dispose of them in the recycling yard. There are the special containers for multi-layer packaging, usually next to a container for old paper.