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Have you begun to consider renovating your outdated 3-room HDB interior design? What are some of the reasons why it is worthwhile to do so?

While there may be initial costs associated with HDB renovation, many people find that they have gotten their money’s value after transforming an ageing home into something new. And with these renovation packages, it makes renovating your HDB a lot more affordable!

Building a home from the beginning requires equal time and effort, but the payoff is uniquely your space.

The first step is to find inspiration by browsing or bookmarking your favourites; the second step is to decipher the floor plan so that you can determine what works best for you.

Numerous HDB varieties exist, but this article will focus on 3-Room HDB interior designs.

Create space for a cosy corner living area and dining space.

This is typically where the family congregates to converse or enjoy a meal. However, it could also serve as a casual living room where you could settle on the settee with your favourite book.

The optimal layout for this location should consider circulation. If it’s too crowded, there won’t be enough airflow, leading to odours from cooking and other activities in that area.

If you’re considering purchasing a dining table, ensure it won’t take up too much space. For instance, four chairs can accommodate around a table with a width of 80 cm, but if the width increases by 20 cm for each additional chair, only three people can sit comfortably at once.

Additionally, the dining table should be located nearby so visitors can easily move between spaces during meals without walking too far.

Some homeowners neglect circulation, particularly near their cooker; this would necessitate using the kitchen’s rear door for some time, which can be inconvenient.

The kitchen must also be carefully considered, as it is typically the room furthest from the living area, necessitating two distinct zones for cooking and tidying.

Tear down the barriers!

Many homeowners today prefer open floor plans because they offer a more elegant and pleasant way to appreciate their homes. However, if you have the space and the budget, it may be beneficial to contemplate an outdoor or indoor living area with plenty of windows and natural light.

Privacy could be a potential disadvantage, but people today prefer less formal arrangements anyway!

How much storage space will be available if only large pieces of furniture, such as mattresses and chests, are used? This is one aspect of these layouts that is often overlooked.

This would necessitate maximising all available surface area and eliminating cabinets and compartments.

A creative solution would be to seal off one side of this wall with glass panels; these are frequently used during gatherings when visitors need more privacy but still want to see what’s happening inside the home!

Put away your shower screens.

In recent years, replacing shower barriers with glass or frosted panels has become popular, enabling you to view and experience nature while bathing.

Privacy can be maintained by installing draperies on one side; if necessary, these curtains can also serve as a divider between this area and the remainder of your home!

If your home has no windows, you may want to consider installing mirrors to reflect natural light from other rooms back inside.

Light has been shown to help the moods of those who suffer from melancholy or anxiety, making their stay here more pleasant.

A creative solution would be to seal off one side of this wall with glass panels; these are frequently used during gatherings when visitors need more privacy but still want to see what’s going on inside the home!