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If you have a problem repairing your washing machine, you don’t need to call a repairman, why not try to fix it yourself? Most of the problems with your washing machines are fairly common and easy to fix. You really need to spend some extra money to call a repairman.


Make sure the washing machine is disconnected from the mains before proceeding with the repair of the washing machines at The Good Guys. Some people think that a small problem can be solved without unplugging the machine, but even the smallest problem should be unplugged. This is mainly for security reasons. Also, why don’t you turn it off if it only takes a second?

Tips for Buying Parts to Repair Broken Washing Machine

Before you get rid of your old broken washing machine, keep in mind that your next washing machine will fail and you may need spare parts to repair it in the future. So you can check your old broken washing machine before you throw it away and disassemble the parts you need.

Turning or shaking problems

If your washing machine’s stirrer doesn’t work, don’t worry. Compared to other parts of the washing machine, agitators are comparatively easier to repair. The drive belt drives the agitator, and if this belt looses, the agitators in the washing machine could fail. Remove the back panel of the washer to view the agitator drive belt.

Leaking washing machine

If your washing machine is leaking and the leak is most likely from the hose. To solve these washing machine problems, check the hoses while filling the washing machine. If you find the source of the leak, all you have to do is squeeze the hose.

Breaks or tears in the material

If you see cracks or tears inside the washing machine, it could be a bath or stirrer. Some washing machine tanks are made of plastic and the materials are resistant to oxidation. Unfortunately, the holes in these tubs could rust. If you want to check for bumps on the inside of your tub, just grab an old nylon stick in your hand and walk around the tub. If your clothes are stained during the wash, you will find a stocking. You can easily fix it with sandpaper and sand it down.

Shaker replacement

If your shaker is broken, you should find a replacement as soon as possible. Delay can ruin your clothes. When changing the shaker, simply remove the dispenser covering the shaker and unscrew the screw underneath. After that, just lift the shaker up. If it’s difficult to remove, fill the washing machine with hot water to remove any soap or anything holding it. If that doesn’t work, tap the agitator with a rubber mallet to loosen it. After removing the agitator, it can be replaced with a new one.