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A huge number of homeowners would fancy the idea of having a swimming pool in their properties. But often, most of them don’t have a clue on how to prepare their homes for a pool even if they are not planning on installing one right away. Then when you are ready, contact this swimming pool Atlanta company.

Because not all homes are the same and each homeowner prefers a different type of pool in a different location, we’ve come up with this guide to help you in preparing a property for a swimming pool.

Preparing Your Yard for a Pool

If you prefer a conventional in-ground pool in the backyard, here is how to go about preparing your property for installing it.

In-ground Swimming Pool Preparation

First things first, you should check your local zoning and setback rules. These rules will inform you on several things including where the pool can be installed and the distance from your home and neighbors homes it is allowed to do so.

Another thing you should check is if there any overhead and underground utilities in the area where the pool will sit. In case you find out that they are, you can hire specialized individuals to work on rerouting these utilities.

It is only after determining where your pool will be installed and that the area is clear of utility lines that you can start preparing the ground. Here is how to go about it:

The first step in preparing the ground is clearing the space. But before doing that, you need to consider the size of swimming pool you want, which means coming up with a rough idea of its size. The measurements do not have to be exact, but you don’t want to clear too much or too little space.

After you have a rough estimate of the size of the pool, you can start cleaning up the place. This involves clearing out any vegetation, rocks, or debris that might be covering the section of your property where the pool is to be installed. Other things you might need to do include relocating playing equipment, furniture, sheds, and any other structure sitting in that area.

If you have trees in your backyard that are standing in the path of your pool and patio, then this is where you remove them. Removing all trees in the backyard isn’t necessary. Only remove the ones that come closer than 15 feet to the pool space and those sitting within the area designated for the pool and surrounding patio.

Please note that you don’t necessarily have to cut the trees down. Instead, you can call a professional tree service to remove them at the root and replant them elsewhere.

Also, if your piece of land is sloped, you can opt for a semi-inground pool, or choose the option of building a retaining wall or installing the in-ground pool above ground.

What if you are Still building your house?

In such a situation, make sure the pool is done first before finishing the driveway. This is because, some of the equipment that will be used to build the pool are heavy and if the paved or concrete driveway is finished, they may crack it.