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A bathroom is one of the important rooms inside the humble abode,since this is where the people inside the household conduct their self-care routine every single day. Without the comfort room, an individual will smell like they are an over ripened fruit, they will pee and poop in public, and will also feel uneasy because of the hot weather that causes more irritating beads of sweats.

The lavatory has come a long way before the 21st century achieved the private bathrooms installed in each household. Before each home has personal comfort rooms, back in the early times, there is no such thing as private bathrooms.The thought of doing personal hygiene has not yet even come to mind.

During those times, public baths are a thing, however, it is not like those public pools where people visit for entertainment and relaxation. These establishments were built back in the 3000 B.C. (Before Christ) because of a religious belief that water is seen as a purifying element for both body and soul.

The very first recognized baths originated from the Indus Valley Civilization – which is a technologically advanced ancient civilization that is now modernly called Pakistan. 

For these folks,cleansing themselves first before they enter a sacred area is a common thing. It was even documented in the history books that unlike how comfort rooms are associated within the household, these water closets are affiliated with the town’s church, considering it has been a habit of cleaning oneself before entering the holy place. 

What’s the most interesting part is that these public baths were built separately from the living quarters of the villagers. People believed that by doing this, they were averting the evil spirits from entering the local precinct.

As more things got discovered and knowledge was gained, more and more improvement has also been made.

Water is still used for baptizing in the modernized world we live in now. What makes it different is that people don’t need to keep washing themselves every time they enter a sanctified quarter. Public baths in the contemporary world are the swimming pools and beaches that people go to during summer vacation. Also, there’s now a private bath within a homeowner’s humble abode – people don’t have to walk down the road only to shower and do their everyday sanitation.

Nonetheless, each portion of a bathroom needs regular and proper maintenance. Conservation is highly a compulsory action in whatever possession a person has. Without it, there is a possibility that either your bath or shower will begin to deteriorate – and worse, desolate.

But how would one conduct a full revamp in their shower and bathroom?

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How To Conduct Bath and Shower Remodeling The Right Way Infographic