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Hats are often overlooked. They serve many functions, including keeping your head warm on a cold winter morning or adding the finishing touch for your outfit. Perhaps you have a lucky cap that you wear to cheer on your favorite team, or a sun hat that you use to shade you while you’re at the pool.

How to Store Hats

These are some tips that you should consider when deciding where to store and how to organize your hats.

Take inventory

If you don’t know the number of hats in your collection, it’s not worth spending time and effort to store them. It’s crucial to go through your hat collection and determine which hats are still useful.

First, let go of the tried-and true options that you don’t want to give up. Next, consider the “maybes”. What is keeping you from giving up on them? Are they in need of repairs? If so, put them aside and make an effort at addressing them.

If you don’t like the style or it stirs up negative memories, it may be time to throw it out or donate it. You can give it to a secondhand store if it is still in good condition. If it isn’t in great condition, you might consider recycling it or throwing it out.

Pick a cool, dry location

Your hats should be kept in a dry, cool place. Because extreme temperatures can cause hats to become brittle and fade, as can direct sunlight. High humidity can also attract mold and mildew.

A climate-controlled storage unit is recommended if you plan to keep your hats in storage. They are capable of maintaining a certain temperature and humidity level to keep your hats from getting too hot or too cold.

Keep Dirty Hats Out of Reach

Your hats might not look dirty but they have likely collected dirt, sweat, and grime. We recommend that you clean your hats before storing them.

How you clean them will depend on the type of hats that you have. If you have baseball hats you can wash them in the washer or dishwasher on a gentle cycle. You won’t want your leather and suede hats washed that way. You can use a mild soap solution to clean delicate materials. Dip a lint-free cotton cloth in the solution, and then gently rub any stains. Do some research if you are unsure how to clean your hat.

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