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Traditional kitchen styles are inspired by design elements and features of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Some people might think of a dreary, plain, or hideous when they imagine a traditional kitchen, but that is beyond reality. While modern kitchens nowadays embrace minimalism and limit extensive details as much as possible, traditional ones are quite the opposite. They favor abundant features and overwhelming accessories on top of an elegant and luxurious space.

If you want to give your old kitchen design a more traditional look for your upcoming kitchen remodeling Cerritos, here are five characteristics of a traditional kitchen that you should consider.


While modern kitchens opt for a sleek look, traditional ones embrace imperfections. Cover your space with stained wood and patterned stone to give it a comfortable layered look.


Settle for a muted color palette like white, gray, beige, and sage for your traditional kitchen. To achieve a more “timeless” look, make the colors distressed or age.


Kitchens in the past pay attention to smaller details, especially in design. Outline your open spaces with ornamentations, and you can also add corbels for a more traditional look.


To spice up your kitchen, you can add quartz countertops as they are sleek, durable, and has a non-porous property to keep your area away from stubborn stains.


Instead of contemporary flat cabinets, traditional kitchens have raised or recessed panel cabinetry. They possess elaborate profiles and large moldings to add a more oldie look.

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Five Characteristics of a Traditional Kitchen