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Product is widely used to access high places and also as a support for building materials


When you look at beautiful finishes on facades and flawless paintwork in high places, you might wonder how it was possible to accomplish these tasks. Simple: with the help of scaffolding, structures allow civil construction professionals access to higher places. Another important function of the product is its support for different construction materials, such as putty and paint.

Made of different materials, such as steel, aluminum, and carbon steel (all resistant to climate action), the scaffolds are available in folding models, with a maximum height of 4.4 meters, and are easy to assemble. You can also find parts at Leroy Merlin to form scaffolding according to your needs, such as guardrails, platforms, ladders, and connection bars. Enter, and feel free to choose the ideal model for you. We guarantee the lowest prices and the best payment conditions!

Scaffolding Of All Types

Construction professionals have a few scaffolding options. Learn more about the products:

Facade: used for cladding facades, painting, and building maintenance; the facade scaffolds are large towers formed by platforms.

Multidirectional: Anyone wanting ease and practicality in a product should stick with this model. Thanks to the flexible fitting of the parts, you can easily assemble and disassemble them.

Equipped tube: for use on platforms for locomotion by civil construction professionals, temporary scaffolding stair systems san francisco ca, and other accesses, this product is recommended. Formed by galvanized steel tubes and accessories responsible for the connections, this scaffold allows the assembly of multidirectional structures.

Tubular: recommended for various types of work, such as painting and applying coatings on facades; this version is modular, that is, it is made up of attachable parts. Practical, this product is quickly and fitted and guarantees user safety, as it is possible to assemble the “guard rail” formed by barriers that protect people against falls.

Stairs: scaffolding-ladders and scaffolding surrey are the best options for temporary access to high places. The version is easily found in major works