Posted on: September 28, 2021 Posted by: Clare Louise Comments: 0

Birmingham is a growing city that can be an excellent investment for those looking to buy real estate. Recently, Birmingham has seen huge strides with its UK market following the Brexit vote and it continues to lead other regional hotspots up and down Britain as well! As one of England’s fastest-growing cores in recent years – proving how popular this place really was all along – there are many reasons why now might not even seem like such good timing but rather simply perfect timing if you’re thinking about investing here.

If you are thinking about making a long-term investment in Birmingham property, buy-to-let might be a great option. There are many areas in the city that offer great rental returns on investments and also have great potential for growth. 

Here are the top choices to check out when investing in Birmingham property:

  1. Birmingham City Centre and Jewellery Quarter.

Birmingham City Centre is seeing vast progress with various regeneration projects. Alongside Paradise and Arena Central, the work on HS2’s terminus station at Curzon Street has also begun to come close to completion as well over recent months while works by way of Midlands Metro Expansion are now operational from Grand Central Station all throughout Jewellery Quarter territory.

In a city that’s seen huge growth in the past few years, apartments are no exception. Converted warehouses and sleek new buildings offer professional singles or couples the opportunity for food-related adventures at nightlife hotspots while they shop where their heart desires on boutique streets with designer labels nearby too.

  1. Edgbaston.

With its large, rich history of sporting events Edgbaston has become a mecca for the sports minded. Investors looking to invest in Birmingham should consider putting their money on this street because with nearly 40% growth over the last decade it is a one-of-a-kind investment property opportunity.

Edgbaston is also a popular rental neighbourhood because of its large houses, botanical gardens and stadium. Recently there have been many purpose-built blocks for students built around the reservoir which provide them with high yields at an affordable price compared to other areas in central Birmingham close by that may offer lower returns on investment.

  1. Digbeth.

Digbeth is a thriving, hip neighbourhood that has been named one of the coolest in Britain by The Sunday Times. With Curzon Street station set to become Birmingham’s HS2 hub and all it offers–including amenities for city dwellers alike, investing in properties in this area would be ideal as early as today.

There are a number of properties for sale in Digbeth, but they vary greatly. Some may be modern blocks with amenities like roof gardens or converted industrial buildings reflecting the area’s history as well cheap priced two-bedroom flats that sell at around £200K+ due to their higher rental yields and still potential price rise because this part of Birmingham is so fashionable.

  1. Selly Oak.

Selly Oak is a great option for those who want to invest in Birmingham’s property market but can’t afford the prices of Edgbaston. With 5% higher rental yields, it offers an amazing return on your money- which would be perfect if you’re looking at properties with mortgages. There has recently been more construction coming up too, which are mostly designed for student accommodation.