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Becoming a real estate sounds exciting, and this profession offers a promising fortune future. Real estate is one industry that welcomes anybody into its bubble, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

The profitability is higher than in most professions; however, it takes a while before you get your first commission, which requires keen patience and consistency.

Becoming a real estate agent requires training with viable courses available. Some people do it themselves to become a self-taught agents. However, other groups of people prefer to have professional real estate broker training in Chicago, IL for a promising career.

3 Initial Steps for Stepping into Real Estate Industry

There are a few basic steps you need to consider, these steps are non-negligible, and if taken for granted, they could damage your agent profile and become a hurdle.

1. Getting your license

Every state has its requirements according to its real estate market. And to work in Illinois, you’ll probably have to get a license and do so, and you’ll have to go through a pre-licensing course.

This pre-licensing course costs around $350-$600 and could take two to three months.

2. Real estate exam

it is essential to pass the real estate agent exam in Illinois. It can be scheduled online, and several examination centres are listed for your convenience. There are a few things about the real estate agent exam for Chicago:

  • Divided into two portions (state and national
  • The minimum grade to get past is 75%
  • The maximum time is 3 hours
  • Computer-based

3. Activating your license

It comes after you pass the exam, and your license won’t be activated if you don’t.

The license is a certificate which appears in your given email once you submit activation forms with your exam grades. The cost for activation could come to around $400.

3 Vital Soft Skills to Become a Converting Real Estate Broker

The real estate market in Chicago is driving chaotically, with numerous investors and relevant consumers rushing to have their dreamt properties.

While some real estate students give their responsibility to a credible centre for real estate broker training in Chicago, IL, some consider self-learning. And it is not suggested by experienced real estate agents to avoid proper training.

However, there are a few soft skills to be considered before you step into this market:

1. Considering culture-specific cues

You will probably meet international clients representing unique cultures and religions. And so, you need to observe the socialism of numerous cultures to avoid off-deals while increasing your chances of closing one.

2. Communication

Tactful communication skills are the most valuable asset of a real estate broker. And so, it builds after you learn to understand leads’ requirements and how to handle their objections.

3. Patience

As discussed earlier, the real estate business requires time and effort before handing over your first commission cheque. And it could take a significant time before you get one, so you must be patient and persistent in your initial journey.


Becoming a real estate agent requires technical steps as well as interpersonal skills. The profession promises fortune to only those who commit to behaving professionally and with utmost wisdom.

It is not easy to deal with numerous clients and professionals; market analysis and field training is required as the priority to promise a growth hacking career in real estate.