Posted on: October 5, 2022 Posted by: James L. Wilkerson Comments: 0

Have you ever asked yourself what a window treatment is? Or did you have a hard time determining which window coverings are best for you? Well, you’re in the right place! Curtains might be labeled based on design, installation techniques, and many other similar options. Knowing all those details can help you make an informed decision for your home. So, to help you better understand window coverings, we encourage you to keep reading. Below, you can read the answer to the question: are curtains considered window treatments?

What is a window treatment?

A window treatment is a covering that comes over the interior or exterior of your windows. It has decorative purposes, but it can help you from a functional point of view, too. There are three types of window coverings you can buy today.

Hard window treatments refer to shades, blinds, and shutters. These can be installed both inside and outside of your home, depending on their design and your goals. Usually, homeowners choose to install blinds inside their homes as the go-to solution to increase privacy.

Layered window treatments are functional and combine different coverings to achieve an intriguing effect. Their design-centric approach will reflect your personality, especially if you choose to mix and match bamboo shades with full-length curtains.

Soft window treatments refer to curtains and drapery. These are affordable, style, and available in different materials. Most people use soft window treatments in living rooms and bedrooms to control natural light.

Are curtains considered window treatments?

Yes, curtains are window treatments and represent the soft version of other window coverings. Curtains are extremely popular because they are affordable and versatile. For example, if you choose to install sheers in your home, you get the chance to choose from different materials, including translucent ones. The go-to colors for curtains are white and cream.

We recommend you research different curtain types before installing one. Take into account your home, the interior design, and your privacy goals. Usually, you’ll have to match your curtains with other window treatments to boost privacy and better control natural light inside.

The bottom line

So, this is what you need to know about curtains. They are indeed window treatments and represent your ally when choosing window coverings. There are different types of curtains to suit all budgets and style preferences. It is best to research curtain types and materials before buying one. Patterns, colors, and fabric should be deciding factors. Window coverings are versatile and can completely transform the interior of your home.