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Many homeowners and corporate clients retain gardeners to undertake landscape maintenance services for them. They like the idea of innovative means for making their homes and company headquarters feel fresh and cool all year round. If this sounds like you, you may do well to seek out experts in landscaping Singapore.

Why Establish Fresh Hanging Gardens?

One concept that you may have only heard about now is Fresh Hanging Gardens. This involves planting vines and creepers at select areas of your building so that the plants can trail over barriers. The result is whimsical and certainly refreshing. It is also functional since it allows the trailing plants to screen out harsh rays of the sun. Occupants of the building may find themselves relaxing amidst the shadows of these trailing plants.

How To Implement the Concept

You can actually create DIY versions of these Fresh Hanging Gardens. If you like to experiment, you can get some semi-pliable twigs such as rattan and twist them until they form a ball. Make sure there is space within the ball to cradle some long coconut coir fibers. This will be the home for the roots of your vines and creepers.

You can make as many rattan balls as your supplies can accommodate. Once the balls are ready, put in one small plant root ball within each ball. You might have some string on hand to secure the root ball and to hang it from a certain location.

If the hanging ball is secure, you will have to water the plant regularly to foster growth. You can use a water-filled hand sprayer for this. You don’t have to water the plant until it is dripping wet to be effective. A few sprays aimed at the root ball should do the trick, each time you need to water it. You do have to check how often your particular creeping plant or vine has to be watered though

Take note that some creepers or vines do require adequate sunlight to survive. This will influence the location you place them in. Some of the plants can be located outdoors, hanging over your living room windows. Others could be placed along the balustrade of an inner staircase. It really depends on the effect you are going for and whether the plant will survive long in that location.

The Urban Landscape Singapore company is ready to help you install more extensive Fresh Hanging Gardens in your landscaping. Whether you intend to brighten up a dull living room area or create an accent for your lanai, you can count on us to add the right airy touch.