Posted on: February 9, 2022 Posted by: Nicholas Harrison Comments: 0

Looking for a new trend or idea to make your backyard more fun? Many people want to update their backyards to both enjoy them more themselves and to eventually sell their homes. Recent trends show that more and more people are spending time outside at home, so consider these design updates in order to make the most of your outdoor space.

Hardscape in Patio Pavers or Tile

If you aren’t ready to add a wooden deck or patio, consider turning part of your backyard into a hardscaped patio. Pavers, bricks, or tile all can create a beautiful pattern and a good, simple location for high end outdoor furniture, a grill, or even a firepit.

Low-Maintenance Herb and Wildflower Sections

If you are wanting to update your backyard but aren’t interested in getting very involved with gardening all the time, consider how adding an herb garden or wildflower patch will make the backyard more whimsical (and nice smelling!) without adding a bunch of extra mowing or work. Pick plants that are rated for your area’s USDA hardiness zone and opt for native plants over non-native ones, when possible, because these are the plants that will do best without extra irrigation, pruning, or other gardening chores.

Hedges Separating Entertaining Areas From Lawn

If you entertain in your backyard, consider adding a set of hedges or a privacy screen that creates separate ‘rooms’ of your backyard, maybe leaving a wide open lawn space for kids to roam and play soccer while adults enjoy a patio and relax around a firepit. These additional plants create nooks and a feeling that there is lots to do in this backyard, which could add to your curb appeal if buyers see it.

Raised Beds or Terraces

For lawns that have a steep grade or areas of slope, it can be fun to create a terraced set of beds or a raised bed here and there. You can grow vegetables or flowers or other plants, but the visual effect is one of the coolest parts, since it takes advantage of vertical space in a way that many yards don’t. Consider how you can make a sloped backyard into a strength for a future home sale and make it more useful and beautiful to you now.

Tree-Lined Walkways for Fruit or Shade

If your yard has too much direct sunlight, consider whether fruit trees or shade trees along a path would make the backyard look more homey and comfortable. While trees take a long time to grow tall, many people enjoy seeing trees mature in their yard, showing the passage of time while also adding more greenery and life to the space over time.

No matter how you choose to do your residential yard work milwaukee, you’ll be glad if you work with a landscaper to help realize which ideas work best for the way your backyard is shaped, it’s size, and any other unique features. The goal, ideally, should be to get the best possible use from your yard while still recognizing that your yard may one day be the source of curb appeal that makes a homebuyer falls in love with your property.