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Many commercial and multi-unit residential properties in Newcastle have flat roofs installed. These roofs are low maintenance and have one of the best functionality features, and flat roofs are reliable for protection for several structures. However, there will come a time for you to do residential roofing replacement willingboro nj when due diligence is in order. It is, after all, an investment that’s not only for the building but also for occupants.

If you’re a property owner and thinking of a roofing replacement lakeland fl, whether because it’s a necessity or a practical upgrade, or maybe it’s both, there’s a whole lot of homework you need to do and much for you to learn. Here are the five top things you need to know and consider when it comes to flat roof replacement greensboro nc

  1.  Your Material Matters

Choosing your material matters, and your choices need to be made wisely. It is essential to understand that not all material will work with your flat roof. Additionally, you need to consider whether you’re going to have the same type of roof atop your upgrade or a downgrade if saving money is a priority. All the choices you make will depend on the cost, and maintenance needed lifespan, and the environmental friendliness. Let’s give you a quick primer on options available:


Most commonly known as thermoplastic polyolefin is one of the most noticeable flat roofs used by contractors in Newcastle. It comes in a wide range of colours, and most popular in green construction and is resistant to UV light.


PVC is a durable and robust vinyl roofing material. It is waterproof and can last up to 30 years and more.


This roofing material is made from synthetic rubber and is a single-ply sheet and is also waterproof. When properly applied, EPDM can last for approximately 30 years.


Although roofing maintenance for asphalt is generally higher, and it is far from green than that of flat roofs, it is another popular material for roof replacement in Newcastle. It is a heavier material, so using it for flat roofs may not be so ideal.

Modified Bitumen

This one is an upgrade from asphalt roofing, modified bitumen is a far more flexible and functional material and is closer to rubber than most roofing types.

Cold-applied Liquid Membrane

When using this roof, you won’t have to worry about it requiring a heat source. It allows seamless waterproofing for anything around that’s prone to protruding from flat roofs.


Metal roofs are environmentally friendly, and most times, the panels are made of at least one-third of recycled material which makes it durable but can be more expensive.

One other thing you need to consider about flat roofs is whether you need to remove the previous roof or overlay a new one. But remember, removing the old roof will come with its bill too.

  1. Consider the Water

Flat roofs aren’t necessarily flat. This means that the draining water is crucial when looking into roof replacements from a Newcastle, NSW contractor or company. If you don’t get proper drainage and slope with your new flat roof, you’ll be faced with several problems that could potentially reduce the lifespan of the roof. If there were signs of puddles on your previous roof, make sure that your new roof has an increased slope.

  1. Pay Attention to the Wind

The strength of the wind is a significant concern with flat roofs. If your roof isn’t properly fastened, materials can be quickly taken away by the breeze and cause sections of the roof to fail due to wind uplift – the rest of the roof will end up being susceptible. Stronger, well-fastened material will prevent any issues with the wind as well as when a contractor accounts for wind conditions when installing your flat roof.

  1. Stay Local; Hire an Expert

Flat roof replacements in Newcastle, NSW need to be carried out by professionals with the right expertise not found in traditional contractors. You must find a local roofer with experience with flat roofs so that they can explain the different options, who knows the weather conditions of your area, and outline all the pros and cons. Your chosen local roofer knows the unique requirements for installations, and maintaining flat roofs in your locality, like Newcastle.

At Hunterline Roofing, we’re professional roofers with experience in installing, repairing and replacing a variety of roofing options. Our team is uniquely versed in roofing services, and they are ready to help you with your flat roof replacements in NEWCASTLE, NSW. Get in touch with us today!